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Learn how Great Basin College cares for its students with A Guide to Engaged Learning Requests!

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Many high profile attacks have not occurred in L.A. or Detroit or NYC but in smaller communities around the country and world. The rural communities Great Basin College serves have always been considered safe from the major violent incidents. That is no longer guaranteed. All communities in the country have the unfortunate potential to experience and incident. The reality is one mentally ill person who thinks this type of act is their only option could live anywhere. Be sure you know how to Run, Shelter within or Resist (fight back) should you ever be in this type of situation. Attend the training offered each semester by the Director of Environmental Health, Safety and Security.

  • Great Basin College classrooms and meeting rooms are now all able to be secured from the inside without stepping outside into a hallway.
  • What to do in classrooms - close blinds, turn off lights, lock doors, stay quiet get on the floor in at a non-window wall. What to do in rooms with more glass than walls - the same as other rooms, get to the side that has no glass.
  • What to do in offices - close blinds, turn off lights, lock door, get on the floor, under a desk if possible.
  • E2Campus emergency notification system is the primary method to notify all students, faculty and staff. Students, faculty and staff are responsible for updating their cell phone numbers and email addresses to receive the notifications. Changes may be made inside the MyGBC website. Faculty and Staff must contact human resources to update their information.
  • On the Elko Campus secondary notifications will occur via the outside PA system connected to the clock tower.
  • When the police arrive any person with any type of weapon will be considered a suspect. Don’t make sudden moves. Always follow orders/requests, keep your hands open and visible, stay seated or standing until told to do otherwise.

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