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Learn how Great Basin College cares for its students with A Guide to Engaged Learning Requests!

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Bomb Threats

  1. If you receive a bomb threat over the phone, be calm, courteous and listen. DO NOT INTERRUPT THE CALLER. Gather as much information as possible.
    1. When is bomb going to explode?
    2. Where is it right now?
    3. What does it look like?
    4. What kind of bomb is it?
    5. What will cause it to explode?
    6. Did you place the bomb?
    7. Why?
    8. What is your address?
    9. What is your name?
  3. Report the call immediately to 911 and a campus emergency contact.
  4. Evacuate the building and assemble at your evacuation meeting location.
  5. Follow evacuation procedures.


  1. Immediately take cover under desks, tables or other heavy furniture which will give protection from flying glass and debris.
  2. After the effects of the explosive have subsided, call 911.
  3. If a fire has started, activate the building alarm system.
  4. Follow evacuation procedures.

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Campus Security

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