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Jake Hinton-Rivera
Vice President for Student and Academic Affairs, Title IX Coordinator
Great Basin College, Elko Campus

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GBC Complaint, Investigation Procedures

Great Basin College Complaint, Investigation Procedures, Remedies and Interim Measures, Resolution

At Great Basin College, the designated individual to receive complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment are the Title IX Coordinator Jake Hinton-Rivera. When Security and/or any other employee receives a complaint of alleged discrimination or sexual harassment, or observes, or becomes aware of conduct that may constitute discrimination or sexual harassment, he/she/they must immediately contact one of the individuals listed above. Title IX complaints must immediately be provided to the Title IX Coordinator.

Both the individual filing the complaint (complainant) and the individual against whom a complaint of alleged discrimination is filed (respondent) shall have the opportunity to select an independent advisor for assistance, support, and advice and both are notified.

An investigation is initiated to gather information about the incident. The Title IX Coordinator Jake Hinton-Rivera and the Director of Safety, Security, and Environmental Health have been nationally certified by atIXA. President Joyce Helens is the final decision-making authority for all allegations. As an institution, we will take prompt, effective action to end the harassment; remedy the effects; and take action to reasonably prevent the recurrence and do so in a prompt, equitable, and effective manner.

Guidelines provide the respondent with information as to the nature of the complaint. The complainant and the respondent have equal rights to be interviewed, identify witnesses, and provide documentation pertaining to the complaint. In most cases, an investigation should be completed within 45 calendar days of receipt of the complaint.

It may be necessary or advisable to take actions designed to minimize the chance that the respondent will either continue to harass or retaliate against the complainant and to provide additional support to the complainant. Such actions may also be necessary or advisable on behalf of a respondent. The measures themselves must not amount to retaliation against the complainant or the respondent. Any interim measures or final remedies shall be monitored by the Title IX Coordinator throughout the entire process to assess whether the interim measures or final remedies meet the goals of preventing ongoing harassment or discrimination, protecting the safety of the parties and preventing retaliatory conduct.

Remedies and Interim Measures for both students and employees may include:

No contact directive; providing an effective escort to ensure safe movement between classes, activities, workplace, and parking lots; moving to a different residence hall, transfer to a different area/department; providing information regarding institutional and community services including but not limited to medical, counseling, Employee Assistance Program, tutoring, etc.

Confidentiality is important, however it cannot be guaranteed. GBC employees will respect the privacy of the complainant and the respondent to the extent reasonably possible and will maintain confidentiality to the greatest extent possible. Examples of situations where confidentiality cannot be maintained include, but are not limited to, necessary disclosures during an investigation, circumstances where we are required by law to disclose information (such as in response to a legal process) or when an individual is in harm way.

Because GBC does not have designated “personal counselors,” a complainant may be encouraged to speak with outside professional counselors, pastoral counselors, or under Nevada law other professional who may maintain confidentiality, e.g., doctors, social workers, victim advocates, etc.

When a complainant requests confidentiality from the institution, or requests that no action be taken, or disciplinary action be taken, the institution will weigh that request against the institution’s obligation to provide a safe, non-discriminatory environment for all. If the institution honors the request, the complainant will be informed that this limits the institution’s ability to investigate and take possible disciplinary action. Once the investigation is complete, there may be the possibility of an Informal Resolution or a Hearing if the Informal Resolution fails. The complainant may choose to not permit the matter to be resolved by the Informal Resolution process (if sexual assault is alleged, the Informal Resolution process may not be used). Or, if the Informal Resolution process is used, it may be terminated at any time prior to a written determination being signed.

Complete details of this process and sanctions may be found in the current Great Basin College Course Catalog, as well as, the Student Rights and Responsibilities home page and the Campus Safety home page.

Crime of Violence Exception to FERPA

When discriminatory conduct or sexual harassment involves a crime of violence or a non-forcible sex offense, FERPA permits the institution to disclose in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, 20 U.S.C. §1092 (f). 34 CFR 668.46 (Clery Act).

Bystander Intervention – Speak Up - Take Action Stop behavior that may be dangerous!

Everyone is a bystander – students, faculty, staff, friends, family etc. You are a bystander if you observe sexual harassment/sexual violence.

What should a bystander do?

Before you go out, plan to stop the behavior:

  • It's On Us website -
  • Free app Circle of 6 –
  • Intervene to stop the behavior as it is occurring:
    • Note how much alcohol or drugs they may have consumed.
    • Ask the victim if they are okay?
    • Get the victim out of the situation – offer a safe ride home; tell them someone is looking for them.
    • Don’t leave without making sure they are in a safe place.

Not comfortable intervening? Don’t walk away. Call – Text - Ask someone you trust to help?

For More Information Contact

Jake Hinton-Rivera
Vice President for Student and Academic Affairs, Title IX Coordinator
Great Basin College, Elko Campus

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