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Arysta Sweat
Student Disability Services Coordinator
Phone: 775.327.2336

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Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

The DRC is your partner in making your course materials more accessible for GBC students. Below are answers to the Disability Resource Center's most commonly asked questions from faculty.


Instructors will receive a DRC-issued Letter of Accommodation from the student, or upon request of the student, from the DRC directly. This letter will outline approved accommodations. Faculty members should contact the DRC with questions about accommodations.

Yes. As a public entity, GBC must provide free accommodations and services to individuals with disabilities to ensure equal access to GBC-sponsored curricular and co-curricular activities. The only exceptions are when the accommodation presents a fundamental alteration of course objectives or an undue hardship to the institution.

If an instructor believes the accommodation poses a fundamental alteration to course objectives or an undue hardship, they are responsible for contacting the DRC. Instructors are not to refuse a student an accommodation unilaterally. All concerns must be reviewed by the DRC.

While approved through the DRC, providing accommodations is an institutional responsibility. Faculty members are a crucial institutional link to ensuring students receive mandated accommodations and are responsible for providing accommodations when it's most appropriate for them to do so (i.e. extended time on online exams). A general guideline of instructor and student responsibilities may be found in the Overview of Accommodations.

The most efficient and effective way to provide accommodations may vary by course. Instructors are encouraged to contact the DRC if they believe the implementation of the accommodation may need to deviate from the standard practice outlined in the Overview of Accommodations.

No. Any student who discloses a disability should be referred to the DRC and faculty should only provide accommodations approved by the DRC. This protects both the college and students requesting services.

In addition to a syllabus statement, instructors are encouraged to make the following announcement on the first day of class:

If you are registered with the GBC Disability Resource Center (DRC) and a faculty notification email has been sent to me on your behalf, please schedule a brief meeting during my office hours to discuss accommodations. If you need academic accommodations due to a disability you must register with DRC. For more information please contact GBC Student Disability Services Coordinator, Arysta Sweat, at or (775) 753-2271.

Instructors are encouraged to announce on or before the first day of class that they welcome students with disabilities in their classroom and will do their best to accommodate them if they are registered with the DRC. It is recommended that faculty include a clarification that high school IEPs or 504 plans do not carry over into college courses and that accommodations provided at GBC must be approved by the DRC.

The DRC strongly discourages instructors from asking directly about the possibility of a disability. Inquiry may be seen as intrusive, insensitive and/or may cross over into excessive inquiry, which is forbidden by law.

If an instructor notices a student struggling and suspects a disability, the instructor should tell the student that they notice he or she is having a difficult time and guide them toward resources such as the Academic Success Center or any other resource that you would provide to any student. If the student shares with you that he or she has a history of a disability or has received accommodations for a disability in the past, it would then be appropriate to tell the student about the DRC.

What should a faculty member do if they are unsure about the reasonableness or applicability of an accommodation for their course?

Faculty should contact Arysta Sweat, Student Disability Services Coordinator, at or (775) 753-2271 as soon as possible if they have concerns.

Faculty members should submit a Faculty Proctoring Information and attach a copy of the exam, if applicable, no fewer than two business days from the exam date to ensure a student receives their accommodations. Students, not faculty, are responsible for scheduling the actual test time.

For More Information Contact

Arysta Sweat
Student Disability Services Coordinator
Phone: 775.327.2336

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