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Tasha Storla
Administrative Assistant III, Classified Council Co-Chair
Elko Campus
Phone: 775-777-8864
E-mail: tasha.storla@

Louellen Monte
Administrative Assistant II, Classified Council Co-Chair
Pahrump Valley Center
Phone: 775-727-2000
E-mail: louellen.monte@

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Outstanding Classified Staff

Outstanding Classified Staff have been recognized by their peers for their valuable contributions to their positions at Great Basin College.

First, classified staff members submit nominations that include a brief summary of the reason for the nomination. Next, the nominations are compiled and sent to all GBC Classified employees statewide for a vote. The nominated employee with the most votes wins the honored title of Outstanding Classified Staff. In the event of a tie, the honor is shared.



Janet Vega, Admissions/Records Assistant IV, Elko Campus Janet vega photo graphic.

  • I would like to nominate Janet Vega for outstanding Classified Employee.
  • Janet Vega has gone above and beyond the call of duty in the Admissions and Records Department. After the resignation of the Registrar, Assistant Registrar, and AR4 Janet was the only full time employee left in the department. Janet held down the fort and went above and beyond her duties to make sure that the department ran and provided excellent service to our students and other stakeholders. Janet worked hard to ensure that the needs of the department were being met and she even provided oversight and direction to our student workers in the department. Janet has since been promoted to the new AR4 in the office and has provided training and supervision to our new AR3. Janet has devoted so much to GBC and she is deserving of the Outstanding Classified Employee Award.

Sheree Beard, Administrative Assistant III, Elko Campus

Sheree Beard graphic.

  • I would like to nominate Sheree Beard as Outstanding Classified Employee. She works hard at her regular tasks, yet always makes time to help and support others. She goes the extra mile, even behind the scenes, to help others succeed. That behavior is what truly makes her outstanding.




Sarah Wilkey, Administrative Assistant II, Winnemucca Center

Sarah Wilkey graphic.

  • I would like to nominate Sarah Wilkey as outstanding classified employee. Sarah is a great asset to the Winnemucca Center. She is very capable and strives to learn new things as well. Sarah is especially helpful to her co-workers and students. When the COVID epidemic changed the work environment, Sarah was helpful with the transition and technology. Beyond this, she still finds ways to connect with the Winnemucca staff as well throughout the epidemic. Sarah serves on Classified Council and contributes her time and energy to represent and serve. Additionally, she continues to work hard at her job from home, reaching out to students and really cares about their welfare. Sarah really cares about GBC, the staff and students and it shows in her work. She is a great part of the Winnemucca team and would be a great recipient for the award.
  • I would like to nominate Sarah Wilkey (Winnemucca campus) for this award. Sarah routinely goes above and beyond her basic duties, and is always willing to make the extra efforts needed to resolve difficult ssues or problems. Sarah consistently carries out her day-to-day duties in a professional and positive manner, and has always displayed a commitment to excellence in all aspects of her job performance.
  • I would like to discuss Sarah Wilkey - at the Winnemucca Campus. Sarah is a wonderful person and is very dedicated to not only the staff she works with daily, but also to the students and others she is in contact with each day. She is always approachable, very knowledgeable, a go-getter from day one, works hard to make life easier for all persons at all times, even at the expense of her own satisfaction. She deserves to be acknowledged for her hard work and the upbeat demeanor she presents; I especially appreciate her dedication to her job, but also to making the campus a more enjoyable place to be from the day she started. She has been, and is, a great asset to the college as a whole.
  • I would like to nominate Sarah Wilkey for Outstanding Classified Staff. She is passionate about her work and cares deeply about her fellow co-workers as well as the college and the students we serve. She serves as secretary on the Classified Council and takes her work seriously. This is just one of the many hats Sarah wears at the Winnemucca Center. Her customer service skills are top notch and students come to her often with questions and seeking guidance. She comes to work every day with a positive attitude. She works hard and does not leave until her job is done. She pours every ounce of energy into her job. I have rarely seen someone as dedicated to her work as she is. I feel she highly deserves the honor. Please consider her. Thank you.
  • I would like to nominate Sarah Wilkey for Outstanding Classified Employee. Sarah has really stepped in and shined being on Classified Council. She has filled the shoes that Cami and Kim left behind on the NSHE Classified Council and has done a good job of keeping Classified Staff filled in on what they have going on. As Secretary of the Classified Council Sarah has also done a fantastic job of keeping meetings organized, and minutes are always on point. Sarah also is just pleasant to work with, which is so nice. I know I can always depend on a positive conversation with her.


Roberto Quinonez-Galvez, Maintenance Repair Specialist I, Pahrump Campus

Roberto Quinonez-Galvez graphic.




Teresa Campos, Accounting Assistant III, Elko Campus

Teresa Campos graphic.I would like to nominate Teresa Campos-Carillo for Outstanding Classified staff award. Every time I see Teresa she has a smile on her face. Working in the Controller's Office, she can sometimes be the person that students dread talking to about missed payments or past due balances but she is always pleasant and helpful. Whenever she passes a fellow employee in the hall or on campus she is quick with a hello. She provides excellent customer service to our students, faculty, and staff.


Michelle Phay, Administrative Assistant III, Elko Campus

Michelle Phay graphic. Not only is Michelle hardworking in the Education Department, but as co-chair of Classified Council for the past two years as gone out of her way to represent all classified staff in councils and meetings.

"I would like to nominate the Classified Council Co-Chair, Michelle Phay. Michelle has served as co-chair on the council for two years. With the increasing workloads of all Classified Staff, Michelle has kept her performance, in all areas, above standard."

There are so many things that Michelle does that it is hard to name them all. Most of them are behind the scenes and contribute to things running smoothly, not only within the Education Department, but on the GBC Campus as a whole. She is a wealth of knowledge for any new staff member and is well-versed in policies, procedures and the day-to-day workings of the college. In her role as Co-Chair of Classified Council, she has worked tirelessly to not only represent the classified staff members, but to make sure that they know that each and every one of them is important and appreciated.


Cristina Cortez, Custodial Worker II, Elko Campus:

Cristina Cortez graphic."She always does a wonderful job keeping our buildings clean, she takes care in what she does and does it with a smile. She is friendly and ALWAYS has a positive attitude. Our buildings and grounds staff are the most unappreciated members of our staff, yet they are the one's who work the hardest with the least amount of glory."


Sandy Cortes, Admissions and Records Assistant III, Elko Campus:

Sandy Cortes graphic."She is unfailingly polite, and she goes out of her way to answer any question or resolve any problem."



Dori Andrepont, Administrative Assistant III, Math and Science, Elko Campus:

"Not only has Dori streamlined the Science and Math department classes (and their labs) and excelled at her individual position, but she has also taken on huge projects outside of it. Dori took all of the support staff recommendations for our manual, proofread it, and made a concise and consistent document for easy reference for years to come. She has also started tackling the intimidating task of room assignments when the support staff vacated that high demand job duty. Dori is a well respected voice on our campus, and at our centers, with co-workers, administration and faculty, and has excelled in her position as Co-Chair of Classified Staff. She does all of this while maintaining a professional and friendly manner, willing to help whomever needs it."

Joe Micke, Security Officer, Safety and Security, Elko Campus

Joe Micke graphic."Joe Micke is tasked with dealing with some of the unpleasantries of education - so that the rest of us don't have to. Joe works hard at keeping the peace around campus, and always does so with a positive and energetic attitude. In addition to his dedication at keeping GBC safe for students, faculty, and staff, Joe was also instrumental in forming the Battle Born Veterans' Club and works at ensuring that our vets are aware of the resources available to them. Because of his involvement in the BBVC, Joe is a positive representation of GBC in our community. GBC is lucky to have Joe onboard."


Gaye Terras, Administrative Assistant IV, Elko Campus

Gaye Terras graphic.


Norbel Uribe Correa, Security Officer, Elko Campus

Norbel Correa graphic.


Delores Whittaker, Academic System Specialist, Elko Campus

Delores Whittaker graphic.


Jolina Adams, Administrative Assistant III, Winnemucca Center

Jolina Adams graphic.


Lynnette Peterson, Personnel Technician II, Human Resources, Elko Campus


Antonio Cortes, Security Officer, Elko Campus

Antonio Cortes graphic.


Betty Richardson, Accountant Technician II, Controller's Office, Elko Campus


Suzanne (Penny) Ronk, Administrative Assistant III, Bachelor of Applied Science/Business Department, Elko Campus


Cynthia Vaughn-Giles, Computer Systems Technician III, Student Information Systems (SIS), Student Services Department, Elko Campus

Kevin Hummel, Maintenance Repair Worker II, Buildings & Grounds Department, Winnemucca Branch Campus

Kevin Hummel graphic.


Annie Ulrich, Administrative Assistant III, English Department, Elko Campus

Annie Ulrich graphic.

Shelley Patterson, Admissions & Records Assistant III, Student Services Department, Elko Campus

Christine (Chris) Marshall, Administrative Assistant II, Occupational Training & Education Department, Elko Campus

Christine (Chris) Marshall graphic.

Irma Reyes, Assistant II, ABE/ESL, Elko Campus

Irma Reyes graphic

Yvonne Sutherland, Administrative Assistant III, Student Services Department, Elko Campus

Yvonne Sutherland graphic.


Gim Briggs, Accounting Assistant II, Controller's Office, Administrative Services Department, Elko Campus


Carolyn Owen, Admissions & Records Assistant IV, Admissions and Records Office, Student Services Department, Elko Campus


Dawn Mitton, Fitness Center Coordinator, Student Services Department, Elko Campus

David Bailey, Theatre Technician II, Buildings & Grounds, Administrative Services Department, Elko Campus

David Bailey graphic.

For More Information Contact

Tasha Storla
Administrative Assistant III, Classified Council Co-Chair
Elko Campus
Phone: 775-777-8864

Louellen Monte
Administrative Assistant II, Classified Council Co-Chair
Pahrump Valley Center
Phone: 775-727-2000

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