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Computer Lab Rules

The computing lab resources of Great Basin College (GBC) and the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) are intended for support of the instructional, research, and administrative activities of GBC and NSHE. In congruence with NRS 281.481 GBC and NSHE students and employees shall not use GBC’s computing lab resources to benefit their personal or financial interests.

  1. GBC’s computer labs are a place of study. Disruptive noise or behavior is disrespectful to other students using the lab.
  2. GBC computer labs are provided for students to use in completing class related work only. Students may be asked to confirm they are a student, and are working on class related work. Faculty may be asked to verify a student’s specific computer use is for class work.
  3. GBC’s computer labs are for use only by students and employees of NSHE institutions and associated high schools. Users may be asked to provide their college or high school identification card as proof of their status. Employees may use GBC’s computer labs on a space available basis, but shall not displace students.
  4. It is not fair to children to expect them to sit quietly for hours, they are naturally active and noisy. Unfortunately children’s natural behavior is disruptive to other students study. Children are not permitted in computer labs unless they are enrolled in a course offered specifically for them.
  5. Use of GBC computer labs for personal or financial gain is prohibited. Examples of prohibited use include but are not limited to: downloading or uploading music or videos, buying or selling items, or chat and instant messaging not related to coursework.
  6. A GBC or NSHE computing resource account given to students or employees is for the use only of the person to whom it is given. Unauthorized access or privileges are not permitted.
  7. No food is permitted in the computer lab. Drinks are permitted only if they have a re-sealable lid and are placed on the floor.
  8. Unauthorized copying of software is illegal and not permitted.
  9. Personal software is not to be used on lab computers. The exception to this rule is software purchased as part of a course such as a textbook/software pack. Please ask a lab aide for help in loading the software.
  10. Use of GBC’s computer labs is a privilege. Any person not following the above rules may be denied use of the lab and access to computing resources.

Winnemucca, Ely, & Battle Mountain

Classes have priority for the use of the computer lab. A list of open computer lab times is posted on the door to the computer lab and is available from the campus office.

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