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Great Basin College enriches people's lives by providing student-centered, post-secondary education to rural Nevada. Educational, cultural, and related economic needs of the multicounty service area are met through programs of university transfer, applied science and technology, business and industry partnerships, developmental education, community service, and student support services in conjunction with certificates and associate and select baccalaureate degrees.

GBC Mandala
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Theme One

Theme Two

Theme Three

Provide Student Enrichment
Assessed from a student perspective

Build Bridges
Assessed from an external perspective

Serve Rural Nevada
Assessed from the perspective of the service area

Objective 1.1: Provide educational opportunities

Objective 2.1: Facilitate seamless transfer of students between high school, community college and universities

Objective 3.1 : Provide education to distant locations

Narrative: A primary means of enrichment is through the availability of a range of academic programs, adequately supported

Narrative: Educational partnerships allow students to better succeed when they can easily navigate between the different levels and types of educational opportunities available.

Narrative: GBC provides access to students scattered through sparsely populated areas and in widely distributed small towns to complete courses and programs; in addressing distance the element of time for the working population is also addressed

Objective 1.2: Foster cultural awareness

Objective 2.2: Build and sustain career programs

Objective 3.2: Provide resources to meet needs of service area

Narrative: Enrichment occurs through diversity and cultural awareness, achieved through: 1) honoring diverse cultures, local and global; and 20 the arts

Narrative: Partnerships with business, industry, agencies, and so forth, build careers for people and help meet and sustain workforce needs.

Narrative: To fully serve a rural mission, GBC must assure that all resources are not being focused just in a main campus, but that resources are distributed equitably to all sites as can reasonably be delivered

Objective 1.3: Provide curricula and programs for careers

Objective 2.3 : Support community needs

Objective 3.3: Provide needed services to all GBC Sites

Narrative: Enrichment may be obtained through education and training for new careers, sustaining careers, advancing existing careers through continuing education

Narrative: Partnerships with nonprofit community based organizations, provide opportunities for community events and services, and support a full community college mission

Narrative: To fully serve a rural mission, GBC must assure that all services are not being focused just in a main campus, but that services are distributed equitably to all sites that can reasonably be delivered.


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