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Welcome to the GBC Fitness Center!

The Fitness Center on GBC's Elko Campus (#17 on the campus map) is the site of many PEX courses including body conditioning, core fitness, karate, rock climbing, yoga, zumba, and open workout. Included in the facility is a workout room equipped with:

  • top-of-the-line treadmills
  • elliptical machine
  • exercycles
  • a variety of weight machines
  • free weights
  • lockers ($10 per locker per semester)
  • showers

The larger gymnasium portion of the Fitness Center is available when classes are not being held for basketball, ping pong, and darts. The room is equipped with always-clean mats and equipment: basketballs, exercise balls, jump-ropes, punching bag, kettle and bosu balls, and more. Click here for a schedule. You can also enjoy a walk around GBC's beautiful Elko campus by using the Walk the Walk: Mileage guide to walking the GBC Elko Campus!

GBC Fitness Center -- Fall 2014 PEX Schedule:

Beginning Rock Climbing and Rock Climbing (PEX 143)
1 credit

Students will learn safe and proper technique for belaying, including knots and basic anchor set up. Intermediate class: students are expected to already have knowledge of basic skills so that they will be able to demonstrate safe, proper sport climbing, multi-pitch commands, rapelling skills, and proper anchor set up in climbing with a partner. Classes will culminate with outdoor climbing in spectacular Lamoille!

Open Workout—Rock Climbing (PEX 199)
1 credit

Experienced Climbers: if you have completed “Beginning Rock climbing” and/or can demonstrate safe technique/skills to an instructor, this class provides the opportunity to find belaying partners and practice your skills with other climbers every Monday night from 6-8 pm. ***NOT FOR BEGINNERS***

Karate (PEX 143)
2 credits

An introduction to martial arts for beginners and a continuation of training for more advanced students. Student will learn martial arts skills through the practice of the basics, forms, and sparring. Together, with the self-defense aspect, the student will develop a sense of well-being through the self-confidence produced by disciplined training.

Tai Chi (PEX 148)
2 credits

Tai Chi is an internal martial art, often called “poetry in motion.” It is comprised of four parts: meditation, warm-up exercises, Tai Chi Ch’uan movements, and cool down exercises. By integrating these four parts, the student learns to combine each part of the body into a whole unit, exercising every muscle, joint, tendon, ligament, and especially the mind. Tai Chi can be used as a wellness program, an exercise program, and a relaxation program, all rolled in to one. Tai Chi teaches the student to live in harmony with oneself and nature.

Yoga Basics and Intermediate Yoga (PEX 169)
1 to 2 credits

Yoga is a way of balancing life by uniting body, mind and spirit through the use of postures, movement, breath and breath meditation. Yoga exercises and breathing techniques performed correctly and consistently will promote firm muscles, healthy skin, good posture, flexibility, and coordination. Yoga will relax the body as well as the mind and create vitality, well being, and a positive nature. It is geared to one’s own pace, health and activity - whether you weight train daily, or haven't exercised in years, Yoga is for EVERY body!

Zumba and Zumba Toning (PEX 170)
2 credits

Zumba exercise classes are “fitness-parties " that blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for a total-body workout that feels like a celebration. Zumba Toning- keeps Zumba's essence while focusing on strength training the arms, abs and thighs.

Kickboxing (PEX 170)
2 credits

Kickboxing is a form of martial art that combines boxing with elements of karate, in particular kicking with bare feet. This combination of cardio, boxing and marital arts provides a total body workout which aims to improve strength, aerobic fitness, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance. Come try one of the most popular fitness trends and kick, jab, cross, hook and uppercut your way to a fitter you!

Total Fitness Workout (PEX 172)
2 credits

This is a popular interval class that pushes students harder than they'd push themselves! It mixes body weight exercises and calisthenics with cardio and strength training. This class is designed to be different all the time; it will keep you guessing - and challenge you differently every class. The instructor may push you like a drill sergeant, but will offer encouragement rather than intimidation. You will have tons of fun – but please be prepared for some high intensity training! This class can be modified for any fitness level.

Pilates (PEX 180)
2 credits

Pilates utilizes weight lifting with the overall goal of toning and lengthening muscles without adding bulk. Pilates concentrates on core strength, and is designed to improve muscle tone, posture/body alignment, flexibility, and balance. This class can be modified for most fitness levels and conditions. It is a great fat burner!

Body Strengthening / Core Fit (PEX 199)
1 credit

Get strong and toned in 30 minute workouts! This class is an intense, non-stop 30 minute strength-training workout. Students will execute weight and strength training moves with correct form, resulting in increased strength, tone, and endurance. Students will work the core muscles and learn how those muscles assist in functional strength and injury prevention. Class can be modified for any fitness level from beginning to advanced.

Hip-Hop (PEX 199)
1 credit

The students will learn basic Hip-Hop dance skills and be able to apply them in social dancing and club dancing. Hip-Hop dance combines music from the early 90’s Rap/Hip-Hop era to today’s Top Hits. From old school Hip-Hop to B-Boy to Krump, students will learn a different dance combination each month. Hip Hop will feature isolations, body rolls, floor work and stunting, along with a combination of fast and slow rhythms, that will help tone and sculpt the body. This class is fun and friendly for the “first timer,” as well as challenging for the more advanced individual.

Open Workout

If you like to “do your own thing” when it comes to exercise, and you have a good workout ethic, try either Fitness Center Membership or Student Open Workout: Students may utilize the workout room any time during regular Fitness Center hours, taking advantage of the cardio equipment, universal machine and free weights. Fitness Center Staff can assist in use of equipment. Members may also utilize the gym to shoot hoops or use additional cardio and other workout equipment, when there are no scheduled fitness classes; the gym may not be utilized by Membership or Open Workout students during scheduled classes, nor may they take part in other fitness classes. The rock wall may only be used by those who have passed the Rock Climbing course or had a skill check-off by Rock Climbing instructor.

Student/Community Open Workout (PEX 199)
1 credit

Members of Open Workout can use the fitness center during non-class times to earn one GBC credit. Students must log at least 16 hours to pass this self-paced course, but students may log many more hours… a great $ deal!
Fitness Center Membership – 0 credits

Fitness Center Membership
0 credit

Students enrolled in three or more GBC credits can sign up for fitness center memberships through the Continuing Education Department. The cost of a membership is $60 per semester…a great $ deal! This is non-credit. (If you want credit, see “Open Workout” course listed below).

Regular Semester Hours
Monday: 7am to 8pm
Tuesday: 7am to 8pm
Wednesday: 7am to 8pm
Thursday: 7am to 8pm
Friday: 8am to 6pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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Rock Climbing

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Total Fitness Workout

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