A culture rich with tradition, the native American tribes of the Great Basin play an integral part in the history, present, and future of the region. We invite you to visit our collections!


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Welcome to the Great Basin Indian Archives presented by Great Basin College in partnership with Barrick North America and the University of Utah.

Our Mission

The Great Basin Indian Archives will endeavor to provide students and researchers with easy access to primary and digital information that chronicle the history and heritage of the Great Basin Indian peoples.

Our Plan

Provide important information for students, educators and researchers to access readily on site about the Great Basin Tribes, Western Shoshone, Paiute and Washoe. A collection of Oral Histories of elders sharing their culture and customs of the above listed Tribes. Some of the elders speak in their native language in describing or sharing their stories. These tribes aboriginal territory covers the states of California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming. A collection of songs sung in the native languages about ceremonial and cultural activities, including hand game songs.

The intent for the GBIA program is to exist on the GBC website and to provide a “virtual linking archives” for easy accessibility to the General Public as well. Links in other states and countries will be developed through student and community work.

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History in the Making

The Great Basin Indian Archives presents "History in the Making," a celebration of oral histories from Western Shoshone Elders. The event will take place on Thursday, 18 August 2016, from 1 until 8 pm in the GBC Theater. Featured will be stories by Doris Allison, Floyd Collins, Delaine George, Ruby Sam, Theresa Sam, Lester Shaw, Jr., and Helen Walker. Special presentations will include Antoinette Cavanaugh, “Education Perspectives” and Keith Honaker, “Shoshone Language Retention.”

The VHC will be live-streaming the evening program featuring the keynote address by Shoshone and Bannock language revitalization advocate Lee-Juan Tyler, Sergeant-of-Arms for the Fort Hall Business Council of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. The live-stream can be viewed starting at 6:45 pm at: Event Live Stream


In our featured content

2015 Native American Elders Presentation Stream

An Oral History Recording of Native American Elders presentation was conducted at the Great Basin College Theatre on Thursday, June 11, 2015. View the PDF event poster by clicking here. The live video stream of the presentation was recorded and is now available for viewing. Click to view the recorded stream!

Elders Honored graphic.Elders Honored

Western Shoshone Elders were honored in the Great Basin College Theatre recently. Each honoree received Pendleton blankets for sharing and contributing their stories. These and other stories will be archived in the Great Basin Indian Archives. The event was a huge success!

New Oral Histories for 2015

In partnership with Great Basin College and it's new Virtual Humanities Center, we are pleased to announce that select assets from the Great Basin Indian Archives are now available in the VHC in an archival and fully searchable repository. New Oral Histories have been added for 2015. See the VHC exhibit by clicking here!Transcripts graphic.

New Oral History Transcripts Added

We have recently added more Oral History Transcripts to our collection in PDF format. Please review our collection of these amazing documents by visiting our Oral History Transcripts, Document Collection page!

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