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Academic Advisement Reports (AAR)

Formerly termed Degree Audit Reports (DARS)

The Academic Advisement Report (AAR) describes your progress toward earning a degree or certificate at Great Basin College. It compares the requirement for a specific degree to the courses that you have already taken, or in which you are currently enrolled. If you submitted transcripts from other colleges, your transfer courses should appear on the DAR as well, once those transcripts have been evaluated and applied to your record.


GBC is implementing a new student information system. The new degree progress reports are still being created for current and former GBC students. Until this process is complete, there may be significant errors in the reports. Therefore, the DAR report is not the final word concerning your degree progress. The GBC Catalog will provide you with the most accurate list of requirements for the degree you seek. In any case, meeting with your adviser is the best way to avoid costly errors — for example, taking unnecessary classes or delaying a class that is essential to your further progress.

How to Discover & Contact Your Advisor

How to See if Your Transfer Credits have been Applied at GBC


How do I check/change my currently declared major?

    • Log into the MyGBC Self-Service Center.
    • Click the Student Center button.
    • At upper left, click the My Academics link. You'll see a blue box at right titled My Program. Your currently declared major will be listed there.
    • It is essential that you update your degree objective when it changes and remove objectives in which you are no longer interested. To change your major contact the Admissions & Records Office or your local campus.



How do I view my Degree Audit Report?

      • Log into the MyGBC Self-Service Center.
      • Click the Student Center button.
      • At upper left, click the My Academics link.
      • Click the View my advisement report link. You will see a report based on your currently declared major and catalog year.
      • Look at your Plan (major) under Current Academic Objective.
      • If the Plan (major) is incorrect, or if you have declared multiple majors, or if you want to check out other majors, you will want to run a What-If Report (see next section).

  • Your Degree Audit Report is titled My Academic Requirements.
  • Always click the Expand All link to see your entire audit.
  • Under Current Academic Objectives, you will see your latest major (called a Plan) and your catalog year (called a Requirement Term).
  • If you want to print out the audit, use the Printer Friendly Page link. The printer friendly version of the audit has the advantage of listing your entire course history at the end of the audit. This way you can see, for example, what transfer courses have been brought in.
  • Questions? Meet with an advisor.

How do I create a what-if scenario?

    Within the MyGBC Self-Service Center > Student Center > My Academics:

      • Click the Create a what-if scenario link. You will see a report based on your currently declared major and catalog year.
      • Click the green Create New Report button.
      • Under Career Scenario, select Undergraduate and Fall of the current academic year.

      • Under Program Scenario, select Degree Seeking, and the major of interest. Concentration should be N/A. Only fill in the top row, leaving "None" in the remaining fields.

      • Click the Submit Request button at the bottom. The same TIPS apply to a what-if scenario as to your actual Degree Audit (scroll up to view them).



*Viewing forms requires installation of the Adobe Reader, available free at the Adobe website.

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