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Before taking an exam at the Great Basin College Testing Center, please make sure you understand and agree to all of the following rules and regulations. 

  1. Present a valid picture ID with a first and last name that matches the name on the exam.
  2. Be aware of the materials you may use on your exam (notes, calculator, etc.) and bring them with you. 
  3. All exam instructions and materials are different.  Please be aware that students will be required to follow the guidelines of the current exam they are taking.
  4. No food or drinks.
  5. No visitors in the testing room. Staff and individuals taking exams only.
  6. If accommodations are needed, the proctor must be notified prior to the start of the exam.
  7. Allow yourself an appropriate amount of time to complete your exam.  All tests will stop, complete or not, at closing time. 
  8. Turn OFF all cell phones and other electronic devices. 
  9. Remove coats, hats, hoods, and sunglasses.
  10. It is best to leave all personal items (cell phones, backpacks, purses, etc.) at home or in the car, but if you do bring anything with you it must be turned over to the proctor before starting an exam. 
  11. Any suspicion of cheating or disruptive behavior will result in forfeiture of the current exam, removal from the Academic Success Center, and the instructor and Vice President of Academic Affairs will be contacted to discuss further action.   
  12. All scratch paper will be provided by the proctor, and must be returned before leaving the testing room. 
  13. All instructions given, or requests made, by any ASC staff member must be followed.

All of these regulations are put in place to ensure a secure and appropriate testing environment for all students.  Anyone that is not willing to accept all of the rules and regulations of the Testing Center will not be allowed to test.

For questions about the Academic Success Center’s testing policies, please contact
Jessica Russell, Director of the Academic Success and Testing Center at 753-2144

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