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 What is my password for MyGBC Self-Service Center?

You should have received your initial password for logging into MyGBC by email at the same time as you received your User ID -- that is, shortly after applying for admission.

The first time you log in to MyGBC, you will be prompted to change your password. You will also be prompted to select and answer a security question. Do not share your password with anyone!

Password Rules

Your MyGBC password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one numeral (0-9). It's also good if it contains a symbol (!@#$%&).

Forgot Your Password?

If you've previously logged into MyGBC and have set up your security question, and if you have provided GBC with a valid e-mail address, you can recover your password by clicking the "Forgot your password?" link in the MyGBC login box. If this doesn't work for you, you can learn how to have your password reset by contacting the Help Desk at 775-753-2167 (click here for hours of operation).

You can Change Your Password at any Time

If you have shared your password, change it.
If you think others may know your password, change it.
If you have been using the same password for more than 90-120 days, you will be prompted to change it.

1. Log in to your MyGBC account.
2. Click the Change My Password tab located in the Enterprise Menu.
3. Enter your current password.
4. Enter a new password -- it must contain at least one numeral.
5. Confirm the new password.
6. Set up security question.
7. Click Change password.

Password Security is very Important!

Passwords are used to protect your user accounts so it is important to create strong passwords and to keep those passwords secure. If you share your password, you’re sharing your identity. Here are some helpful tips on keeping your passwords secure:

    • Do not tell others your passwords – including co-workers or supervisors.
    • Protect any recorded passwords - do not leave them anywhere you would not leave the information they protect. Do not write it down at all, if possible.
    • Do not check “remember my password” on any website.
    • Never provide your password over email or based on an email request – the Help Desk will NEVER request your password via email. Many of these requests can appear to come from a legitimate source but are fraudulent.
    • Change your password regularly – just like fall and spring cleaning, about every 6 months.
    • Change your password if you have reason to believe it has been compromised.
    • Do not type passwords on computers that you do not control – such as internet cafes, computer labs, airport lounges, or others that have open WiFi access.
    • Do not let others use your account – this includes you logging in for them.
    • Be sure no one is watching when you enter your ID and password.
    • Be sure to log out of all programs prior to closing the web browser and be sure to close the web browser before logging off the computer. Do not walk away from a computer until you are certain that you have logged off.

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