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Transferring Courses from GBC

Students may plan to transfer from GBC to upper-division study at other colleges. GBC's Advising and Career Center is also a Transfer Center, staffed with experts in the transfer process who can help you transfer with ease.

Some students, however, do not take the precaution of pre-planning. They complete courses at GBC that were not designed to transfer, and later they are disappointed. Don’t let this happen to you. The GBC catalog provides the crucial information you need to make informed decisions about the courses you take. But even with this printed guide, you should work closely with an adviser before registration if you plan to transfer.

GBC cannot, of course, guarantee that colleges and universities will receive courses, but our experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

Transferring withing the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE)

The universities and colleges of the Nevada System of Higher Education participate in regular discussions about the “transfer status” of courses within the System. The following common course numbering system is recognized among the colleges of the Nevada System of Higher Education:

GBC developmental courses
GBC Z and zero-numbered Courses
*Some courses (100-299) offered at GBC may not be used for an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Bachelor of Arts degree. These courses may not be transferrable to other Nevada colleges. These courses are identified in the course catalog descriptions.
GBC and University lower-division courses 100-299
GBC and University upper-division courses 300-499
University graduate courses 500-799

GBC schedules always indicate NSHE course transfer status with these designations. Naturally, “transfer” courses do not all transfer the same way. Some transfer as equivalents, some as departmental electives, and others as general electives.

For more information and to access NSHE course transfer status information, visit NSHE Transfer Rights and Responsibilities for Students and Institutions, the UNR Transfer website, the NSC Transfer Center website, and the UNLV Transfer website.

Reverse Transfer

The Nevada System of Higher Education reverse transfer agreement allows students to earn their Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree from Great Basin College, even after transferring to a Nevada university or state college.

There is no formal application for reverse transfer. Students interested in this option should contact a counselor or adviser to determine what courses they need to complete for their associate's degree. The will also need to apply to graduate at GBC. It is the student's responsibility to have an official transcript from their state college or university sent to GBC as confirmation that the required courses were completed.

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