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SW 101 Introduction to Social Work (3 credits)
The course acquaints students with the history, philosophy, values, and knowledge base of the social work profession. The course emphasizes human diversity and generalist practice. The goals of the course are to (1) provide students with an accurate understanding of what social workers do, (2) begin to socialize students to the values and philosophy of the social work profession, (3) introduce students for the methods and approaches of social work, (4) introduce students to the generalist social work practice paradigm, and (5) develop a basic level of critical thinking and writing skills needed in social work practice.

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SW 230 Crisis Intervention (3 credits)
Analysis of crisis theories, definition of crisis, what can cause crisis, effects of crisis, and resources for crisis, and resources for crisis intervention.

Prerequisite: Must have completed PSY 101.

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SW 250 Social Welfare History and Policy (3 credits)
Explores the historical development of the social work profession and current policies governing the social service delivery system within the United States. Social policy is presented as a social construction influenced by a range of ideologies and interests. Special attention is paid to social welfare policy and programs relevant to the practice of social work, including poverty, child and family well-being, mental and physical disability, health, and racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities. The course includes a focus on the role of policy in creating, maintaining or eradicating social inequities.

Prerequisite: Must have completed SW 101.

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SW 310 Structural Oppression (3 credits)
SW 310 is the first course in a two-course sequence that promotes a multidimensional understanding of human functioning and behavior across systems and the life course. This course specifically examines human behavior manifested in larger systems as well as the reciprocal relationship between individual functioning and social institutions. In particular, the course orients students to social work perspectives that view human behavior as being influenced and impinged upon by environmental forces. The course advances students' ability to critically examine the role of power, privilege and oppression in shaping life experiences.

Prerequisite: Must have completed ANTH 101 and PSY 101 and SOC 101 and SW 101 and SW 250 and (ECON 102 or ECON 103) and ((HIST 101 and HIST 102) or PSC 101) or instructor approval.

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SW 311 Theoretical Perspective on Human Behavior (3 credits)
SW 311 is the second course in a two-course sequence that promotes a multidimensional understanding of human functioning and behavior across systems and the life course. This course specifically examines human behavior and functioning among individuals and families. In particular, the course emphasizes and evidence-informed approach to assessing human functioning. The course advances students' ability to critically apply a range of theories and research to better understand and assess human behavior and development.

Prerequisite: Must have completed SW 310 or instructor approval.

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SW 321 Basics of Professional Communication (3 credits)
Focuses on the development of basic communication and observational skills needed for subsequent social work methods courses. Communication topics to be addressed include: active listening, questioning, empathetic responding, paraphrasing, summarizing, persuasive writing, and non-verbal communication. Emphasis will be placed on developing observation and communication skills that capture events in ways that are descriptive, accurate, and unbiased. Given the importance of nonjudgmental and unbiased communication to rapport, the course will examine the role of power differentials, gender, culture, class, context and ethnicity/race on professional communication.

Prerequisite: Must have completed (ENG 100 or ENG 101) and ENG 102 and PSY 101 and SW 101 or instructor approval.

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SW 351 The Global Context of Social Work (3 credits)
This course examines the historical, political, and cultural contexts of contemporary global social issues and the mutually reinforcing relationship between the local and the global. The course will critically examine the economic, political, social, and cultural dimensions of globalization and the upheavals they produce for nations and people. Specific models of intervention and select approaches to social development, seen as more compatible with social work's commitment to social justice will also be examined to determine their respective strengths and weaknesses in response to some of these contemporary social issues. In addition, the course will also raise critical questions about social work's past and present ability to address the growing challenges of an increasingly complex, integrated and interdependent world.

Prerequisite: Must have completed SW 250 with a 'C' or higher. Instructor consent required.

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