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SPAN 111 First Year Spanish I (3 credits)
Development of language skills through practice in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and structural analysis. Language practice required.

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SPAN 112 First Year Spanish II (3 credits)
A continuation of SPAN 111. Language practice required.

Prerequisite: Must have completed SPAN 111.

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SPAN 211 Second Year Spanish I (3 credits)
Considers structural review, conversation and writing, and readings in modern literature.

Prerequisite: Must have completed SPAN 112.

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SPAN 212 Second Year Spanish II (3 credits)
A continuation of SPAN 211.

Prerequisite: Must have completed SPAN 111 and SPAN 112 and SPAN 211.

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SPAN 305 Spanish Composition (3 credits)
The advanced student of Spanish will be exposed to a free-writing approach in the composition of essays in Spanish. Auxiliary activities will include vocabulary development and grammatical refinement as well as a grounding in and further review of Spanish grammar and the use of idiomatic speech.

Prerequisite: Must have completed SPAN 212.

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SPAN 400 Practicum in Spanish in the Community (2 credits)
Supervised experience as an interpreter or translator using Spanish for local agencies or schools.

Prerequisite: Must have completed SPAN 212 and be enrolled in SPAN 305.

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