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HUM 101 Introduction to Humanities I (3 credits)
An introduction to humanities through a study of seven major arts including film, drama, music, literature, painting, sculpture, and architecture. Each of these arts is considered from the perspective of historical development, the elements used in creating works of art, meaning and form, and criticism and critical evaluation.

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HUM 210 Communicating Diversity (3 credits)
Communicating Diversity is a lower division course designed to familiarize students with the fundamentals of diversity and how those are expressed through communication. Students will develop a deep understanding of the way in which we communicate race, gender, class, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, and physical/mental ability and how it impacts our daily lives. This course will take an intersectional approach to understanding diversity and seek communication strategies for inclusivity. Emphasis will be placed on defining and developing the critical thinking skills necessary to push past oppression, marginalization, and other issues centralized around diverse populations. Students will be encouraged to investigate and discover diversity issues, solutions, and concepts at the local and global level using case studies, current events, and other significant moments in history.

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