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HDFS 201 Lifespan Human Development (3 credits)
Individual development, roles, and interrelationships within the family system through the lifespan.

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HDFS 202 Introduction to Families (3 credits)
Study the dynamics of development, interaction, and intimacy for primary relationships in contextual and theoretical frameworks. Review societal issues and choices facing diverse family systems and individuals living within families.

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HDFS 232 Diversity in Children (3 credits)
The course considers the development of young children from the prenatal period through age eight, focusing in particular on diversity among children. Diversity will be explored in the terms of cultural, ethnic, and linguistic variations as well as differences in ability and typical and atypical development.

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HDFS 428 Preschool Curriculum I (3 credits)
This course will focus on the theoretical and practical aspects of planning and implementing a curriculum for preschool-aged children, including activities that promote creative, physical, cognitive, language and social-emotional development.

Prerequisite: Must have completed ECE 210 and ECE 200 and ECE 251 and ECE 453 and ECE 454 and EDES 300 and HDFS 201.

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HDFS 429 Advanced Preschool Curriculum II (3 credits)
This course will address planning an emergent, integrated curriculum, including webbing, documentation, and collaboration. Philosophical underpinnings of emergent curriculum are emphasized.

Prerequisite: Must have completed HDFS 428.

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HDFS 435A Child Socialization: A Systems Perspective (3 credits)
Students will explore a Systems Perspective with a focus on understanding socialization of children from an ecological perspective with an emphasis on developing positive linkage between early childhood settings and families.

Prerequisite: Must have completed HDFS 201.

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