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EDU 120 School Law in Nevada (1 credits)
Designed to acquaint prospective teachers with the legal aspects of the school setting in Nevada and examines historical development of paramount issues in contemporary education. Also emphasizes legal aspects of emerging educational patterns and meets state licensing requirements. [S/U]

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EDU 210 Nevada School Law (2 credits)
Historical development of paramount issues in contemporary education. Emphasizes legal aspects of emerging educational patterns. Meets state licensure requirements in Nevada School Law. [S/U]

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EDU 214 Preparing Teachers to Use Technology (3 credits)
Lab course on advanced skills and strategies for integrating technology into the K-12 classroom. Computer experience is required in word processing, basic spreadsheet design, and file management.

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EDU 250 Foundations of Education (3 credits)
A foundations course in education and introduction to the philosophy, history, and sociology of modern education. Emphasis is placed on current trends in education.

Prerequisite: Must have completed ENG 100 or ENG 101 and be enrolled in EDEL 311 or EDEL 313 or EDSC 311 or EDSC 313.

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EDU 282 Strategies for Effective Substitute Teaching (1 credits)
Specialized instruction designed to develop understanding of a current aspect of education. Maximum of three credits which may be applied as elective credit hours toward a degree. [S/U]

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EDU 295 Education Topics: Subtitle Varies (1-6 credits)
Special topics in education. Unlimited repeatability. [S/U]

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