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EDCT 439 General Methods of Teaching Career and Technical Education (3 credits)
Designed for direct involvement in solving teaching and learning problems in career and technology education and occupational-vocational education. Emphasis is placed upon developing appropriate strategies for managing the classroom and occupational/industrial laboratory environment. Prerequisite: Admission to the Teacher Education Program or Business/Industry Endorsement. Corequisite: EDSC 315 or Business/Industry Endorsement.

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EDCT 447 Curriculum Development in Career and Technical Education (3 credits)
Course will provide students the opportunity to research and develop curriculum dealing with content and procedures for career and technical education programs.

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EDCT 471 Career and Technical Student Organizations (3 credits)
Designed for students who intend to pursue a career teaching in the field of career and technical education at the middle/high school level. Familiarizes students with the benefits of student organizations and how to organize and manage a student organization in their particular field. Satisfies one of the requirements for the business and industry endorsement.

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EDCT 490 Cooperative Career and Technical Programs (3 credits)
Provides students with an understanding of the role, organization, and implementation of cooperative and applied or work-based vocational programs.

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