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COT 101 Computer Keyboarding I (3 credits)
Learn the keyboard by touch using computers. Course covers alphabet keys, number keys, and symbol keys. Emphasis on keyboarding techniques, speed, and accuracy.

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COT 151 Introduction to Microsoft Word (3 credits)
An introduction to Microsoft Word, a word processing software, ruler, toolbars, dialog boxes, cut, copy, and paste, autocorrect, spell check, template documents, columns, outlines, merge, clip art, graphics, text art, and tables. Recommended: COT 101 or 30 words per minute keyboarding skill.

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COT 204 Using Windows (3 credits)
The fundamentals necessary to operate the Windows system, how to customize the Windows environment, and how to use the various accessories.

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COT 240 Executive Office Procedures (3 credits)
Introduces skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of the electronic office. Topics include public relations, written and oral communications, telephone techniques, travel and conference arrangements, records management, meeting planning, and job-seeking/selection.

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COT 490 Digital Communications (3 credits)
A capstone seminar covering the common theme of data communications among the BAS in Digital Information Technology courses. Relationships between data organization, digital multimedia, data presentation, data security, and data communications will be covered. Students will finalize the digital portfolio of their accomplishments while completing this degree program.

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