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What do I need to do?

If you'll answer a few questions about yourself, we'll customize a step-by-step guide for you.

1. Which of the following describes you?

I am new to Great Basin College and have never before applied for admission.

I attended GBC prior to August 29, 2009 and would like to return.

I have attended GBC since August 29, 2009.

2. What is your objective at GBC?
I am planning to transfer the credits I earn at GBC to another institution.
3. Have you taken a placement test?
  Yes, and I know my scores Yes, but I don't know my scores No
4. Check all of the following that apply to you:
I am interested in applying for financial assistance at GBC.
I have received a scholarship.
I would like to transfer credits from another college to GBC.
I am in high school and want to earn college credits before I graduate.
I am a U.S. military veteran.
I have a disability that will require some assistance.
I am over 18 and am still covered under my parents' health insurance.
5. Where do you want to attend classes?
I am interested in taking one or more online (Internet) classes at GBC.
6. Do you want a copy of your customized roadmap to GBC?
If so, please enter an email address.

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