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Ms. Tracy Shane, M.S.
Agriculture Instructor


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Office Location: LUND 109B, Elko Campus
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  • B.S. Animal Science, University of Nevada, Reno, 2000
  • M.S. Environmental Science and Natural Resources, University of Nevada, Reno, 2006


Recommended Reading

  • Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder, Richard Louv
  • Omnivore's Dilemma, Michael Pollan
  • Basin and Range, John McPhee
  • Cattle in the Cold Desert, Jim Young and B. Abbot Sparks


  • Running, hiking/backpacking, riding horses, skiing, reading, and traveling
  • Society for Range Management
  • Elko County Cattlewomen's
  • Nevada Agriculture Teacher's Association
Honors and Awards
  • Certified Professional in Rangeland Management


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AGR 105
Title:Agriculture Communications and Organization
Catalog Description: Designed for students interested in pursuing an agriculture career. Prepares students for leadership positions on the college campus and throughout the community. Includes leadership skill development including communication, leadership roles, and proper administration of Robert's Rules of Order, delegation, responsibility, time management, evaluation, and goal setting. As this course offers variable credit, students must complete fifteen (15) contact hours for one credit, thirty (30) contact hours for two credits, and forty-five (45) contact hours for three credits for their respective credit hour(s). This is a repeatable course to a total of six credit hours.
My Comments:This course is taught each spring and fall semester.
Syllabus (PDF)
AGR 110
Title:Introduction to Agriculture Management
Catalog Description: Introduces agriculture management and will focus on the development of personal leadership skills as they relate to agriculture business. Students will investigate, develop, and demonstrate personal leadership skills as related to critical agriculture issues on the regional, state, and national levels. (Formerly AGR 110, Principles of Agriculture Management)
My Comments:This course is taught during the fall semester only.
Syllabus (PDF)
AGR 210
Title:Agricultural Issues
Catalog Description: Students will investigate current topics causing change in the agriculture industry. Students will research and report on trends as diverse as animal rights, chemical and foods, land use, water rights, and governmental subsidies as well as regional, state, and national topics.
My Comments:This class will be taught next in the spring semester of 2010.
Syllabus (PDF)
AGR 290
Title:Cooperative Work Experience
Catalog Description: Students may earn college credit for work experience related to their college major and/or occupational goals. Students should meet with their Ag Faculty adviser to design an appropriate supervised, on-the-job, educationally directed work experience.
My Comments:This course is available each spring and fall semester.
Syllabus (PDF)
AGR 496
Title:Agriculture Capstone
Catalog Description: Advanced study in specialized area of agriculture management. Interdisciplinary topics within an emphasis area will be selected by student and academic adviser. Students will also produce a comprehensive portfolio.
My Comments:This course is for senior-level students in the BAS Agriculture Management program and the BA Secondary Education Agriculture Endorsement program.
Syllabus (PDF)
ANSC 100
Title:Elements of Livestock Production
Catalog Description: Fundamental concepts in care, management, and economics of food producing animals. Includes contributions of the Nevada and U.S. animal industries in providing food on an international basis.
My Comments:This general education course is taught during the fall semester only.
Syllabus (PDF)
ANSC 105
Title:Livestock Production System
Catalog Description: Designed to instruct students in the various essential production systems in animal agriculture. These systems will include all aspects of production to include reproduction, nutrition, animal preventative maintenance, treatment delivery systems of animal health, and environment. Consumer related issues will be discussed, as they relate to the production of animal agriculture.
My Comments:This course is taught during the spring semester and has a prerequisite of ANSC 100 Elements of Livestock Production.
Syllabus (PDF)
ANSC 209
Title:Physiology of Livestock Reproduction
Catalog Description: Designed to provide students with an understanding of the process of reproduction in cattle, sheep, swine, and horses. This course will provide information covering both the physical mechanics of reproduction as well as the endocrine system controlling livestock reproductive process. Various mating systems will be discussed with an emphasis placed on artificial insemination (A.I.) and embryo transfer (E.T.).
My Comments:This course is taught during the fall semester. This course requires a corequisite of the ANSC 210 Livestock Reproduction Lab.
Syllabus (PDF)
ANSC 210
Title:Livestock Reproduction Lab
Catalog Description: Provides an understanding of the reproductive technologies in cattle, horses, and swine. Pregnancy detection and semen handling labs provide students with livestock experience. Various mating systems discussed with an emphasis on artificial insemination (A.I.) and embryo transfer (E.T.). A field trip component of the course focuses on A.I. techniques.
My Comments:This course is taught during the fall semseter. This lab course may be taken by itself or with ANSC 209 Physiology of Livestock Reproduction.
Syllabus (PDF)
BIOL 341
Title:Principles of Ecology
Catalog Description: The fundamentals of ecology studied at the levels of population, community, and ecosystems. Includes applications in natural resource management and conservation biology.
My Comments:This class is taught every other spring semester.
Syllabus (PDF)
INT 369
Title:Integrative Science Seminar
Catalog Description: An integrative seminar on topics in science. The topics will vary to address needs and interests of programs. Course fulfills the upper-division integrative science general education requirements. May be repeated once for credit if the topics are different.
NRES 241
Title:Principles of Range Science
Catalog Description: Basic principles of range management as they apply and relate to livestock production, conservation practices and wildlife management, regional vegetation types and range sites, and grazing systems along with considerations of multiple range uses. (Formerly NRS 100, Introduction to Principles of Natural Resources)
My Comments:This course is taught in during the spring semester.
Syllabus (PDF)
NRES 251
Title:Rangeland Measurements and Monitoring
Catalog Description: Designed to instruct students in livestock and plan management on rangelands. Provides instruction in the most common and acceptable rangeland monitoring systems. Students will participate in actual rangeland monitoring and plant/data collection. (Formerly NRES 215, Principles of Rangeland Management and Monitoring)
My Comments:This course is taught during the fall semester. The prerequisite for the course is NRES 241 Principles of Range Science. This course is taught online with three weekend labs.
Syllabus (PDF)
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