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Professor, Secondary Teacher Education


"In order to teach them you must reach them."



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Office Location: DCIT 259, Elko Campus
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  • M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2000
  • B.S., Idaho State University, 1995


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  • A Day No Pigs Would Die, Robert Newton Peck
  • The Essential Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson
  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert M. Pirsig
  • A Testament of Hope - Essential Speeches of Martin Luther King


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  • NCTM
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  • Outstanding Nevada Math Educator


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EDEL 311
Title:Elementary Methods Practicum I
Catalog Description: The first in a sequence of clinical and field experience courses. Students participate in field experiences and then reflect on what they have observed and learned. Students will spend approximately 15 hours observing in the public schools. [S/U]
EDSC 311
Title:Secondary Methods Practicum I
Catalog Description: First in a sequence of field and clinical experience courses in a secondary classroom. Students work in middle-level or high school classrooms to develop skills working with students and implementing instructional plans. Students will spend approximately 15 hours observing in the public schools. Class may repeated up to a total of three credits. [S/U]
EDSC 313
Title:Secondary Methods Practicum II
Catalog Description: Second in a sequence of field and clinical experience courses in a secondary classroom. Students will observe approximately 25 hours of the middle-level or high school classrooms. The portfolio and admission process is explained. Class may be repeated up to a total of two credits. [S/U]
EDSC 315
Title:Secondary Methods Practicum III
Catalog Description: The third and final course in a sequence of field and clinical experience courses. Students will spend 30-60 hours at the middle-level or high school classroom. Students will be expected to work toward completion of the requirements for their portfolio project. Taken in conjunction with content area methods course. Class may be repeated up to a total of three credits. [S/U]
EDSC 407
Title:Interdisciplinary Integrated Curriculum Secondary Education
Catalog Description: Examines the relationship between literacy skills and learning the context area. Students will focus on developing literacy skills to promote better learning in the content area as well as guide students to better interpret, analyze, evaluate, and communicate in the world around them. Ideas and literacy, mathematics, the process of reading and writing, and specific pedagogical strategies will be considered. The course will also include problem-solving approaches, planning curriculum, and analyzing techniques to evaluate a variety of content area resources. The course will ask students to analyze and reflect upon personal experience as a reader, a writer, and a problem solver. (Formerly EDU 440, Essential Skills Across the Curriculum)
EDSC 453
Title:Teaching Secondary Mathematics
Catalog Description: Course examines the methods, materials, teaching techniques, and strategies unique to mathematics education. Emphasis is placed on the pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry curriculum; classroom organization; test construction and evaluation; use of audio-visual materials and equipment.
EDSC 483
Title:Secondary Supervised Teaching Internship
Catalog Description: The Supervised Internship provides the student with the opportunity to experience, in depth, the full role and meaning of teaching in a school setting. Experiences include planning and organizing for instruction, developing classroom teaching competencies and skills, evaluating pupil progress, participating in extracurricular activities, working with special school personnel, and utilizing school and community resources in the instructional program.
EDUC 406
Title:Curriculum and Assessment Education
Catalog Description: Course covers the range of assessments used in elementary schools. Students learn to administer and interpret standardized or norm referenced tests, create appropriate criterion-referenced assessments, portfolios, performance tasks with data-collection, and record-keeping strategies for reporting student academic progress. Nevada Curriculum Standards and state testing instruments will be studied.
EDU 250
Title:Foundations of Education
Catalog Description: A foundations course in education and introduction to the philosophy, history, and sociology of modern education. Emphasis is placed on current trends in education.
EPD 480
Title:Coaching and Mentoring Student Interns
Catalog Description: Course is designed to provide support for lead teachers who have volunteered to serve as a cooperating teacher for student interns. Explains and demonstrates different observation models, communication techniques, and evaluation skills. May repeat the course up to six credits. Placement with a student intern is required. [S/U]
EPY 330
Title:Principles of Educational Psychology
Catalog Description: General principles, theories, and recent research evidence regarding human development, human learning, and human motivation, especially as they pertain to classroom instruction.
EDUC 406

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