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Office Location: EIT 251, Elko Campus
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    EDEL 491
    Title:Elementary/ Secondary Education Capstone Seminar
    Catalog Description: Designed to serve as an opportunity for the pre-service elementary teacher to reflect on and demonstrate understanding of the attributes of a successful teacher. The course will review: 1) methods of supporting individual student learning through a knowledge of development, learning styles, and motivation; 2) aspects of curriculum for developing students' competence in subject matter and skills for various developmental levels; 3) instruction based on knowledge of students, learning theory, subject matter, curricular goals, and community; 4) formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual, social, and physical development of each elementary student; and 5) the practices and behaviors that identify and develop the competence of a professional career teacher. Course will include completion and assessment of the professional portfolio and a research-based project. Formerly EDU 408, Capstone Seminar)
    EDSP 301
    Title:Education of the Exceptional Child- Internet
    Catalog Description: A survey of the special education area for majors and non-majors, designed to acquaint the student with the special needs of learners categorized under all areas of exceptionality. Introduces methods for identifying, planning, and working effectively with exceptional children in the regular classroom. Emphasis on etiology, physical, and educational characteristics. The pre-service teacher is taught to recognize and refer exceptional learners for assessment, as well as design and implement individualized programs, instructional strategies, and classroom management strategies. (Formerly EDU 305, Education of the Exceptional Child)
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