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Earth and Physical Sciences Professor


"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. " — Henry David Thoreau


Ms. Bruno's interest in the earth sciences was evident early in her life, but her passion for geology blossomed under the inspiring tutelage of Dr. Don Wise, Dr. Carol de Wet and Dr. Bob Wiebe at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. After graduating from F and M, Carrie moved across the country and earned an MS at Oregon State University in Soil Science with a minor in Anthropology. During her time at OSU, Ms. Bruno spent two field seasons in Ancient Korinth, Greece where she worked with the Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey and collected data for her thesis on paleoclimate. After defending at OSU, Carrie moved to Elko, NV. Prior to becoming an instructor at Great Basin College, Carrie was an environmental consultant. To adapt to the evolution of education, Ms. Bruno is working toward an MEd in Instructional Design with a focus in E-Learning.


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Office Location: LUND 109D, Elko Campus
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  • BA, Franklin and Marshall College, Geosciences, 2000
  • MS, Oregon State University, Soil Science, 2003
  • MEd, University of Massachusetts, Instructional Design (in progress)


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  • Spending time with my rock star family
  • Developing and Designing super-sweet online courses
  • Outdoor activities
  • Distance Education Committee Chair
  • Nevada State-Wide E-Learning Task Force
  • E-NCore E-Learning Task Force Subcommittee
Honors and Awards
  • Most Outstanding Teaching Faculty 2009


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CHEM 100
Title:Molecules and Life in the Modern World
Catalog Description: Introduction to chemistry in its many forms and applications, physical and organic, with consideration of environmental and social issues. Includes laboratory activities.
My Comments:This course is official recognized by Quality Matters. Yippee!
ENV 100
Title:Humans and the Environment
Catalog Description: Introduction to the relationship of man and his environment. Current thinking and research concerning the impact of industrialization and urbanization on environmental quality, including the population explosion; the potential decline of the affluent society by the depletion of natural resources; the pollution of air, land surface, and water; and the public agencies and policies designed to solve environmental problems.
GEOG 103
Title:Physical Geography
Catalog Description: Physical elements of the earth's natural features and their significance to man. Topics include earth form and motion, landforms, weather, climate, vegetation, and soils. Four laboratory experiences required. (Formerly GEOG 103, Geography of the World's Environment)
GEOL 101
Title:Geology: Exploring Planet Earth
Catalog Description: Fundamental principles of geology including tectonic and surficial processes, oceans, atmosphere, environmental applications, and resources. Includes a laboratory component. (Formerly GEOL 101, Physical Geology)
My Comments:GEOL 101 will be offered for the first time ONLINE in Fall 2014. See the attachment above for the required materials for the ONLINE section of this course. Please note, students can check out mineral and rock collections through the GBC Library to help reduce costs.
GEOL 102
Title:Earth and Life Through Time
Catalog Description: The history of the earth and life as they have evolved together through time: plate tectonics, the physical landscape, and the biosphere. Includes laboratory for evaluating rocks, fossils, and the age of events.
GEOL 334
Title:Geomorphology and Soils
Catalog Description: An introduction to the processes and development of landforms and soils as the result of surficial processes operating within the framework of global tectonics. Laboratory work includes methods of analysis of land forms from surface imagining and the study of soils. Includes field trips.
INT 369
Title:Integrative Science Seminar
Catalog Description: An integrative seminar on topics in science. The topics will vary to address needs and interests of programs. Course fulfills the upper-division integrative science general education requirements. May be repeated once for credit if the topics are different.
My Comments:Natural Disasters: Angry Mother Earth

Photo Gallery

The Temple of Apollo, Korinth, Greece

Aldeyjarfoss, Iceland

Mid-Atlantic Rift, Iceland

The Ruby Mountains, Spring Creek, NV

South of Tucson, Arizona

T-Rex: Reptiland, Pennsylvania
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