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Student Focused Reference Interviews (FRIs)

We invite all students to participate in a Focused Reference Interview. You will have the opportunity to talk to a reference librarian one-on-one and learn about valuable tools and resources available to you as a GBC student.

As part of your English 102 class at Great Basin College, you will have the opportunity to meet with a Reference Librarian for a Focused Research Interview (FRI). This interview lasts approximately 30-minutes. During the FRI, you will be meeting one-on-one with your reference librarian whose job it is to help you find information resources regarding your particular research topic. You will be introduced to the library's catalog, and electronic resources, i.e. databases and eBooks. This opportunity to receive personal attention will sharpen your research skills.

When you come in for your interview, the only thing you need to bring with you is a desire to learn about the vast array of resources that are available through the Great Basin College Library, our databases, and on the internet. You will need to have at least one topic that you are interested in researching, and as mentioned, plan on spending about 30-minutes with the reference librarian.

If the GBC Elko campus is your home base, you may call the library and speak to a Reference Librarian to schedule your appointment. You may also use the appointment form to schedule your appointment online. If you use the online reservation form, please be sure you include a contact number, indicate the Elko campus , and an email address so we may confirm your appointment.

Every semester, a reference librarian visits the branch campuses. If you are making a reservation for one of the outlying campuses, please be sure to indicate the campus where you will be holding your interview and be sure that this is the time that they are scheduled to be at your campus..

If you are not able to attend one of the campuses for your appointment, the reference librarians are able to conduct your interview over the phone. Just call the library to schedule a time that fits with your librarians and your schedule. These phone interviews require up to 60-minutes and you will need to access the internet while talking on the telephone.

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