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First Generation Stories

Warren Barber Photo.

Warren E. Barber II, 2012 Graduate!

"Wow, just imagine ..."

Stacie Combs.

Stacie Combs, Student Housing Coordinator

"It's not a 'can you?'"   You can.   It's a 'do you want it bad enough.'"

Squy Wallace.

Squy Wallace, Social Sciences Instructor

"Persistance and determination is a lot more important than high intelligence."

Jeanne Long.

Jeanne Long, Switchboard and Reception

"Right off the bat, I wish somebody would have introduced me to an advisor. I wish that the options were exposed to me, that there is advising and financial help out there of all sorts. Especially for women. There are so many avenues out there for financial help and guidance."

Norm Cavanaugh.

Norm Cavanaugh, Fitness Center Director and Great Basin Archives Director

"Other native people I looked upon as role models. When you see other people make it, it gives you this conficence that 'I can make it.'"

Lynette Macfarlan.

Lynette Macfarlan, Professor of Education

"I came full circle, from destitute student and struggling single parent to Great Basin College professor. "

David Ellefsen.

David Ellefsen, Libary Director

"Don't give up on your dreams ... and I'd love to say to get to know your librarian. There are so many things that the librarian can help students with, and they can save you a lot of time and effort."

Larry Hyslop.

Larry Hyslop, Professor of Computer Office Technology

"When I got through high school, there wasn't any talk about money, mainly because there wasn't any money."

Susanna Dorr.

Susanna Dorr, Webmaster

"I resolved very early that I wanted to enjoy my life much more than my mother did hers. She both encouraged that aspiration and told me how to achieve it..."

Frank Daniels.

Frank Daniels, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

"Find new friendships. Create bonds between yourself and the other students."

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