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Lynette Macfarlan
Professor of Education

High school graduation.
Senior at Wells High School

A graduate again.
BA degree graduation in 1998
"Outstanding Student" in Early Childhood Education

Graduation Photo.
Lynette with proud father

Getting her Masters degree.
Wearing her master's robe in preparation
for a GBC graduation ceremony

Lynette’s first 1 ˝ years of college were interrupted when she married her high school sweetheart. A few years later she found herself scraping by as a single mother of two working two low-paying jobs. Desperate to become a teacher, and with the encouragement of her mother, she decided to return to school at Great Basin College (then called Northern Nevada Community College). The year was 1982. Because there was no such thing as Interactive Video or Online instruction, Lynette each week drove 100 miles round trip in her quest to complete her education.

Off camera, Lynette names by name the GBC instructors and counselors such as Mark Ports, Karen Martin, Marilee Harper Harrison, Betty Richardson, Jack Smith, and Pat Collins who especially inspired and directed the course of her academic and professional life. Were it not for the support of these and other GBC people, Lynette explains, she never would have made it through to Graduation Day in 1995, an event proudly witnessed by her terminally ill mother who died only a short time after.

Lynette shares her passion for the students, faculty, staff, and administration of her beloved alma mater and current place of work: Great Basin College.


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