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Excel 2007 Working with (mostly) Text Data - Summer 2010

Video 1

Excel Basics (6 min.)

If you've used Excel 2007 much at all, you probably know most or all of what's in this video.

Video 2

Importing a Focus Report into Excel (10 min)


The following are renamed as .txt files so that your browser can show them. You can do File->Save

Schedule Focus Report

Course List Focus Report

Video 3

Formatting a Worksheet (20 min)

Resizing text
Adjusting column widths (including shrink-to-fit control)
Creating a header row
Merging cells
Freezing header rows and columns for easy viewing

Video 4

Preparing to Experiment (5 min)

Saving a backup of your workbook
Creating a copy of a single sheet within the workbook
Renaming a worksheet
Deleting a worksheet

Video 5

Sorting a Worksheet (5 min)

Not sorting a header row into the data
Being sure you've selected all data for sorting

Video 6

Filtering Data (10 min)

Filtering to quickly eliminate unwanted rows
Filtering to quickly find target data
Filtering to extract and copy target data to another sheet

Video 7

Eliminating Duplicate Rows (4 min)

Eliminating unwanted data in worksheets with too much information.

Video 8

Splitting the Data in a Cell
and Combining Data from Two Cells

(14 min)

The example shown splits a name into component parts (last name, first initial). Then it combines a last name and a first name from separate cells into a single cell.

Video 9

Working with Names
(16 min)

Another operation involving the techniques shown in video 8.

This one also includes changing upper/lower case.

Names workbook

Video 10

VLOOKUP to Combine Data from Two Worksheets
(10 min)

Lookup data in a second worksheet that's missing from the first.

Vlookup workbook


Effective use of Tabs
(18 min.)

Simplifies formatting and editing column information and fill-in forms.

Note: This video contains oopses and blips -- not well-editied.


Excel 2007 Tips & Tricks Workshops - Summer 2009

 Excel Workbook

Reference Document (Word)

Exercises (Word)

CONTENTS Page in Reference Document

Basic Tasks You May Not Know – For Reference

  • Insert a blank column between two columns
  • Create a new worksheet in a workbook ("workbook" = Excel file)
  • [Re-] name a worksheet
  • Move or copy a worksheet into a different workbook (Excel file)
Sorting Data 3
Filtering Data 4-5
Splitting Column Data – Example 1 (Splitting Names) 6
Splitting Column Data – Example 2 (Class Section Codes) 7
Combining Column Data – “Concatenating” 8
Upper/Lower Case 9
Replacing Formulas in Cells with the Formula Results 10
VLookups – Combining Data from Separate Worksheets 11-13
Consolidating Data: Eliminating Duplicate Rows 14



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