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Institutional Research and Effectiveness
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Welcome to GBC Institutional Research and Effectiveness

This office provides support for institutional research, planning, assessment and institutional effectiveness.

Institutional Research which provides data to be used for planning and/or assessment activities of the college. Internal activities include preparation of such data projects as the Fact Book, Enrollment Profiles, Program Review data, Admissions’ surveys, Student Satisfaction surveys, etc.

Assessment and evaluation assistance is provided to all administrative, academic, and academic support units through training and consultation with academic, academic support units, and individual faculty and staff as they endeavor to determine the impact of their planning and assessment initiatives.

Classroom Research - The Institutional Research and Effectiveness Office provides research assistance to faculty as requested to assist them in determining which methods and techniques are most effective.

If you want to request data, please create a Work Order ticket and submit it online. The Work Order ticket will be sent to Academic Affairs and Institutional Research and Effectiveness.

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